Josie Moon

After starting in self-taught lo-fi bedroom pop production, Josie Moon made her commercial debut in late 2018 with shimmering indie pop EP ‘Rose Tinted’. The EP received high praise with a four star review from NZ Herald, reached #1 on the Czech Republic Pop Chart, and opened doors for Moon to play on the main stage of Rhythm & Vines 2018, as well as open for sold out shows with Tash Sultana, and Chelsea Jade.

A visual artist before she chased music, Moon’s visual presentation has become a key element in defining herself as a unique presence in pop music. Many of her songs cover the insecurity felt meeting romance for the first time and struggles with self love and respect. In an interview with NZ Herald about her struggles with her mental health, Moon criticised music industry higher ups for perpetuating the toxic image of a “tortured artist” and instead offered that “music should be part of the healing process… it should come from a positive place, or a place of growth.”

On her rapid growth as a song writer Moon details her process, “I used to write a lot about my friends and how they do things, but it was really important for me to start being a lot more sincere and blunt and honest with myself, because that’s what I value the most in other artists.”

Moon is currently working on her follow up EP due out late 2019, which is said to be her most personal and disarming release to date, and will draw from heavier hip hop and RnB influences.